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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The cow says moo,..

I am so excited and waving my geek flag with so much vigor today. This weekend Green Lantern comes out in the theaters. I would even brave the crowds of people to see it Friday, but alas my sweetie is busy, and Saturday is full of other cool stuff. Sunday is also a wash, but still doing some cool geeky stuff there, spending fathers day with some good friends who will also be waving the geek flag, at the Renaissance Festival. We are so going on Monday though. No crowds and we can enjoy the experience.

The reason I am giving you all a glimpse into my personal life is really simple. It will make sense as to what I am going to discuss. The Green Lantern got me thinking about human nature. Her is this dude, Hal Jordan, that is an adventurer and living life to the fullest before he gets a really cool decoder ring. He has a wreck of a personal life, and escapes in adrenaline. Even for his faults though he lives a pretty cool life, and with courage. His child like wonder and imagination is what makes him a perfect lantern. His strengths are apparent, and over coming weakness is what the movie is really about.

So why is this important enough for me to look at? Well there are so many people out there that say they want happiness. They want so much out of life, but they are not willing to do the things to get it. So many people let their fear of failure or the unknown control their life. They are unwilling to try new things. They are unwilling to break their routine. They are complacent and use that to replace happiness.

Yes the ancient Chinese curse sums up human existence. May you live in interesting times. People do not want interesting. They want stability. This is the vast majority of the population. They admire the adventurous, or at the very least they envy them. They want what they have and in that would rather take that away from those willing to take risk then try to go for it themselves.

What I mean by this is the socialistic tendency of us as a people. Lets look at a simple political issue, taxes on the rich. Most people feel that they are not paying their fair share. That they shelter their money and shield it from the government, and its unfair. Well in part you are right. They do pay more in taxes then you, because they make more money. Even after the shelters, they just do not offer the same percentage of their income. I can see the baser and simplistic issue of fairness here, but really just because they have it good does not mean you have to take it away from them. Get your own. That is the beauty of this country. Anybody who works hard at chasing a dream can get it.

The next part that makes the Green Lantern so fucking awesome is his artistic side. You see he can create anything with his ring. The only stipulation is that is has to be green and he has to imagine the object in its entirety. So in essence he is an artist in the truest sense. Creating something from nothing and letting his imagination run free. Creation is within all of us, we just need to the courage too discover it.

In that it also shows the balance of creation and destruction. He used creations to destroy, as well as to protect. While there manifestations could do great things, they like all things are fleeting and finite. They only last as long as he concentrated on them. Its a reflection of the law of the universe in my mind. Things exist in thought and the mind is the most powerful tool we have. It is thought that gives things form and purpose. Without your mind you are nothing but an object to be named.

So getting into the deeper issues of a comic book seemed like a cool thing to write about today. Hopefully it gives people something to think about, and look for the deeper things in everything around you. Also I can only hope one person decides to muster the courage to embark on an adventure of their own, with a full and happy life being the reward. Stop focusing on what other people have that you don't and start looking to the things you want. You can make a plan and work at getting those things for yourself.

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  1. I made the plan, I am working on the issues and reaching for my goal! And yeah, I SO wanna see Green Lantern. I am all geeked out for it! :)