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Friday, June 24, 2011

If you stand for nothing you fall for everything,...

I think the largest difference I see amongst people is purpose. I personally feel blessed having multiple purposes. There are people that will go through life without a single glimpse of one. They wonder like social zombies through life, stumbling along and living on the cares and worries of others. You see with out purpose you have no direction of your own, you are reactive.

I have purpose in many layers. It gives me focus when I need it, and the ability to gauge my long term goals. You can actually see how far you have come in life by how many goals you have accomplished. Having one purpose you can do the same just not as well. You find most of your zealots and nutjobs. All that focus on one person can bring on a very soulful variety of OCD. Look at most of your terrorist, including the political kind here in the states, not just the roadside bomb camel humping kind.

Purpose is something you can get for yourself, or have thrust upon you like a porn stars jiggly bits. Purpose is simply a mission. You can choose to accept it, take one on board that is offered, but at the end of the day the only thing that stops you from having a mission is you. I have a few missions, so large some small, but each of them work towards the purpose of making the lives of my "family" and myself, much better.

One mission is my military side. I am a medic. I protect the life, limb and eye sight of those willing to protect our collective freedoms and rights guaranteed by the Constitution. Another purpose is to learn as much as I can cram into my head. Knowledge is power and I try to collect all of it I can. Incidentally that helps me with purpose number one. I also find purpose in helping my friend family. I find purpose in helping others, also rooted in that first mission. I hate to see friends suffer, so I learn how to help them with the suffering. You see how that can and will tie together because they are a part of you.

I can not just give to one secular purpose though. You pledge your life to one purpose and call it divine you shut out the rest. Your focus becomes narrow, and therefore your mind as well. Next thing you know you are strapping a vest on full of explosives and letting someone else use you for their purpose and you don't notice because you are so focused one cause and one cause alone. You need the balance of other views or you will find out what the afterlife holds faster then others.

One other purpose I have is a selfish one, it is to make my health better. Lose that American cheeseburger french fried ass and gut. Which helps me serve those other missions as well. I can get to more guys that are hurt if I am not winded. I can learn more about my body to help it get better, and in the process learn to better serve my family, and maybe even help them get better and healthy.

Its a mission, its not you. It is a tool of yours, not you a tool of it. Keep that in mind and you will find your own missions. You will find something to drive you and goals that you can measure your progress. It makes life easier and more enjoyable. Selfish missions can be good as well, but you need to balance them with selfless missions, or you just grow as a selfish asshole that nobody wants to hang with.

With purpose come passion. Many people mistake passion for anger or other emotions. Most narrow minded fuck tards think passion can only be found in the bedroom. It is all around. You can find passion in most things you do if you are smart enough to figure it out. So with passion and a purpose you can succeed in life period. You are less likely to give up. You find it easier to get up when you get knocked down. So get a purpose and get a life.

Otherwise you will be that jealous crazy person seeking to tear down the resolve and purpose of others because it makes you feel better about yourself tearing others down so they are living in a a pile of bullshit like yourself and not realize that this does nothing to improve your station and is extremely childish and stupid. Yes a run on sentence for sure. I think it makes the point though. You can tell those with purpose and those with out, and not just because they are hecklers. They usually live a very lonely life and their only excitement is the excitement they cause with their drama.

Cast those shit heads out of your life. Find purpose and smile. Live a life with meaning and who cares who tries to tear it down. Stand tall, and drive on. Remember its easy being fat lazy and bitchy, but what do you really get out of that?

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