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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Sheep don't growl.

I do not want to feel better. I do not want someone to give me a pill to make me happy. I do not want to find my calm. I do not want to calm down. I do not want to just bow my head and take it like a social whore. I do not want people to use me. I do not want to smile while I am being fucked in the butt with a wooden splintered dildo and a sand paper condom. I do not want to accept things for what they are. I do not want to compromise. I do not want to bend like a tree in the wind. I am not happy being another spoon feed pussy.

I am okay with my anger. I understand my anger. I do not need to swallow and bury it down inside. If something is fucked up, why can't I say something about it. I do not want therapy to make me feel more calm or at ease with the world around me. I want me and the world around me to be better. I will be angry until people stop putting up with bullshit. Stop swallowing the crap that is shoveled on us. I have heard time and time again if you are not outraged you are not paying attention. You know what that is so true it hurts.

I have been told so many times to calm down, and that is just the way things are. Well let me tell you, I am a grown man, I have been around the world. I have been to war. I have enjoyed peace. I have been divorced. I am head over heels in love. I have been in lust. I have been satisfied. I have been lifted up and let down. Through all of this I have developed a pretty damn good sense of right and wrong. I am pretty sure I can tell if something is just. If something does not fit those guidelines for me I do not need to take a fucking pill to make me feel happy about it, I need to say something. I need to do something. I need to at least try to make it better.

I will stop being angry when people stop putting up with bullshit. I will stop being angry when I no longer have a reason to be angry. I will stop speaking out when there is nothing left to speak out about. If you have a problem with that, then get angry, say something about it. Don't take your Prozac, and and turn that anger inward. Anger turned inward is depression. Fuck penning it up. You made me have a problem so the results, my anger, should rightfully be your problem.

Fuck this politically correct spoon fed life style. I turn my judgment, not CNN's. I trust my ideals of right and wrong not some money grubbing hypocrite like Oral Roberts, or any of those other preachers telling me to be moral while they steal from people. Fuck hypocrites, don't tell me sex is bad, when you are sending pictures of your body to women other then your wife and talking dirty with them. Don't tell me that I can't masturbate to pornography when you can't even come out and tell the world you are gay. Focus on your own damn family, and until you get your shit right stop asking for my money or support asshole.

I am angry. I am okay with it. I don't hate everything. I just hate compromise for the sake of compromise. I hate complacency and apathy because they are easy. So fuck you very much, I will keep on thinking. I will continue to be angry and you can deal with it or shut the fuck up. How about you take the Prozac or get a lobotomy. I am not sheep. I am not a walking fucking sweater. I am a free thinking human being, and I have a voice. I am not another cog in the machine. I will not conform to your myth. I know whats right and you are not it. I am anger.

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  1. I always like meeting Sheeple. They're odd and just a little off kilter.

    Also, they make great targets for critical thinking tests. :)

    Happy Wednesday!