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Monday, June 27, 2011

A trip around the sun,..

Today is a special day. Today is my wife's birthday. As a gentlemen I am not going to say how many times she has gone around the wheel, but I am going to share some thoughts on the matter. We celebrate the anniversary of someones birth, and this event has become very important to us socially. Why is that do you think? What drives us to celebrate something and make it our own each year. The reality of the matter is that our mothers should be celebrated, they did all the work.

All we did was get shoved out of a vagina, covered in goo, to be greeted by a strange creature that assaults us. So much more then us went into the actual event of out birth, yet we like to make the day our own. It is like a building being celebrated and not the architect that designed it, or the crew that built it. That seems to be a firm part of human nature though, we like to look at the finish product and neglect those that did the work to bring it to us. Seriously without googling, ask yourself if you know who built or designed the Golden Gate bridge, the Hoover Dam, the Bastille, or even the Great Wall.

I do believe that we deserve a day of our own though. It is a great social tool to remind people that though we are a tribe, we are made up of individuals. Each of us have our own flaws and strengths. Each of us can contribute, and some more then others. We all deserve a day to shine. We all deserve our day in the sun that is ours and ours alone. To be showered with thanks, praise, and gifts. It is our birthright if you will.

This serves several purposes. The obvious one is to remind the individual of their importance to the community. More importantly it stresses the value of the individual to the community. It is through celebrating others that we can be reminded of our own importance. Of course this is easier for me today, because I truly love the person who is the focus of event. Today is her day, and I am glad to give it to her.

The other purpose of this is to remind us of time. As humans we like to think of time and we like to track milestones. We watch people can on years and weigh their position in the community and in our hearts. This is one reason we more at funerals. Either the loss of that person due to time, or the loss of the time for that person if they are young. It boils down to time. A concept that we as individuals can do nothing about, but we can measure and watch its effect on us.

So we try to ward off time but celebrating our birth, and the birth of those around us. We remember when they had all the time ahead of them and we celebrate the time we have enjoyed with them. We celebrate the hope of much more time with them. So today I say here is to time, and may time give me of itself, so that I can grow change and spend more time with those I love. I hope that my wife is afforded more time, not just to be with me, but so that she too can enjoy its passage and learn and grow.

To that I say Happy Birthday love, and may time be your friend and love you as much as I do.

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  1. I love you more than you will ever know. Today has been great and I am happy to spend all the rest of my Birthday's with you