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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

2010 come and gone and no Opera. WTF

Dear World,

You suck. Just sayin. I have been an avid reader of science fiction, and have watched more movies in my life time then I should have. I have climbed mountains, and traveled all over the planet but I always give the red planet a second glance. The one thing that the movies and books established was a progression of discovery. Where are the flying cars? I want the Jetsons not Bladerunner. The progression of what I would consider viable technology has stagnated. The power of cell phones, computers, and visual entertainment have taken leaps and bounds. Yet we are still tied to the ground in a fossil fuel driven four wheeled fossil of its own.

Medical advancement has seems to have limited itself to traumatic resolutions, while cancer continues to plague those I love. The common cold still runs amok in the still gravity restricted play grounds that are not in anyway supporting the genius development of our children. Sickness though takes a back seat to obesity and self inflicted acts of vanity. Cybernetics have made a few steps in the right direction, but are a long way from offering us the ten million dollar man. Where are the clones? Why can I not drink myself to levels of stupidity, just to replace my defunct liver at the local Wal~mart?

What happened to our space program? Why do we not have at least a concept of a warp drive? Why do we not have some sort of baffling break through that offers us the chance to follow the adventures of Quaid on as he tries to enjoy a total recall of his real memory and not the non existent implanted yet cheaper alternative to the real thing? Where are the solar sails that are drifting our miners out to the resource rich asteroid belt where the fleet is being built to carry our colonies off to these Goldilocks planets that are just now being spotted, rather then decades ago?

I have seen the early formation of power armor and biometric control weapon systems, but we are still a far way away from Heinlein's vision in Starship Troopers, hell I would be happy with the offerings of Hollywoods water down craptastic B movie rendition. I have not seen a force field, and the Predator like camouflage is still only a concept that is rarely viewed on Youtube. How about those magnetic static attraction gloves that allowed crazy Cruise to scale the worlds tallest building, even if slightly faulty. A jet pack or two would be nice, even if it did not have a tracking system that sent information to my heads up display in my cybernetic upgraded eye.

While the Xbox kinect does offer a hands on control free voice activated computer system we are are still to far from a holodeck. Transporters are not even an option, or alternative to the complete lack of flying cars. So I am guessing it would be to much to ask for a voice activated house or seashells meant to confuse the social throw back Demolition man. I want to get dressed up and find my calm as I head off to Taco Bell singing my favorite Oscar Mayer jingle.

While the medical tricorder is not far away, I would still like to have the nanites coursing through my body to help seal and repair the trauma of life. Hell the foamy paste that was injected into the wounds of River Tam and her friends as the headed into the black would be more then enough to satisfy my curiosity. The evolution of the beta max to the blue ray would impress our parents, or maybe our grand parents, but our need to go to other places and dream of touching the stars seems to have slowed to a crawl. It seems that Event Horizon is taking a back seat to Idiocracy.

A concerned geek that really is not liking the consumer based apathy that dares us not to dream.

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