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Friday, January 27, 2012

Toil for oil and we all spoil.

I am not a huge fan of what is going on in Washington these days, and not just because of the politics that have been hated sense the dawn of time. It is not a new concept to be disgruntled with your government. Look over our history and you will see even during the heyday of American growth there was still dissidence. It is nothing new. I run the risk of sounding like a child when I say, "but this is different. It's much worse." With all the historical precedence it is hard to make that point typically. You see we have a President that stated he would veto the latest incarnation of NDAA because of the rider putting the stake in the heart of habeas corpus. When it came, no veto. The answer, "well it just would have been forced through anyway" How fucking Eeyore is that? Seriously we are Americans we fight for what is right, not because we know we are going to win, but because we know what is right.

With all of that rolling out though I have to say I agreed with a few things in the State of the Union. I am not one for speeches, most are just full of hot air and self endorsement. I also do not like the negative end of the world doom and gloom that came with the rebuttal. The role of alternative energy in our future is absolutely right though. We need to find something that we can use other than oil. Not just because of the impact it has on the environment. Not just because of dependency we have on oil. Not just because of the big oil companies pulling the puppet strings on the world stage. Not because of the conspiracy theories or the blaming it for all of the worlds problems. Not just to take away the voice of the middle east. I would like people to look to the next step, and let growth start over in America.

You see I am pissy about some hooker the other day saying the war in Afghanistan was over oil when there is zero oil production in that country. Not one damn barrel. I am pissy because it shows me that complete lack of education, and the acceptance of the crap we are fed and call it news. I am pissy because people like to blame their personal woes on oil, and my solution to bitching is to take away the excuses. When people are out of excuses they have to deal with their problems. So in looking for alternative sources several excuses go away, and our country moves forward. Win fucking win all the damn way.

You see those new jobs are going to need educated people. This is why our iPods are made in China, and not on our soil. Those menial task are beneath where we are now. We have to be smarter, and to build the new stuff. So education would need to be a focus. A by product of that is that hopefully people learn to think. They learn to engage in critical thought. Hopefully the status quo will fade away as they get smarter, or at least more educated. So its not just about oil, but it is about taking away excuses.

You see higher education, the pursuit of hard sciences also brings a bit of a conscience. You see we become more aware of the world around us and the ethical decisions as a by product. It is not to say we are better because of it, we are just more aware. There will still be douche nozzles that make poor decisions. Education can wash off the ignorance, but it takes so much more to wash away the asshole and douche-baggery. It does hopefully make people more aware of their own douche-baggery and therefore less inclined ot engage in such fucktardy activities.

The creation of these jobs will let people finally see through the smoke, or at least that is my hope. With knowledge they will learn the big three is not really a reference to companies, but the three largest smoke generators they use during elections to get you to vote emotionally and detract from their failings. Immigrants do not steal our jobs, unless you are a Native American. Abortion is a simple choice but used to control us. Even if you are a hard lined right wing Christian extremist I would challenge you to find one verse in the bible that speaks directly to abortion being a sin, or is it just a way that the church tries to regain the control it had in the dark ages over you as an individual? You also know how I feel about gun control, and with even just a little education people will see that its economics that bring violent crimes, not guns. Shit that is like blaming the spoon for your ass being fat.

So let us start looking for something else to use so big oil stops buying our government. Lets find something better so the uneducated liberals will stop blaming oil for all our woes and wars. Lets find something else to use so we don't have to listen to some chauvinist wrapped in a bed sheet with a huge beach for a back yard. So lets get smarter, lets get motivated, and remember why and how we made it to the moon.

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