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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

From me to you, because I love ewe's

I am less than 700 hits away from 20k. This post happens to be the 151st posting. Mmmm 151, Bacardi has a few memories. Yep, another milestone. So looking back over the stuff I have written here I choose to reflect and focus. It seems the emotional stuff gets the greatest level of response. The politics get the most jeers. I talked about this stuff when we got to 10k on the hit list. So now I think this also being the intro to the new year of 2012, it might be better to look and reflect on what has happened over this short time frame. The first post here was only in May, so it has not even been a year.

I look at the underlying voice with each post and I can see the changes in my life as they pull on my words. I see things coming to clarity and I can see when my message is more confused. When I am less emotional the responses are not as frequent but the logical appeal seems to derive a more measured response. So the balance is coming out as the writing progresses of finding that balance between emotional content and logic delivery that allows for effective communication.

I am also reflecting on the subject matter, and while they all share the same perspective (mine) the topics seemed to wonder more and more in the beginning. Now they seem to be taking the slant of political overview that I was trying to achieve from the get go. It is the mind of one soldier trying to make sense of the world that I am a part of. In trying to establish a better writing style I am also on a journey of self discovery. So in this process of trying to learn a new craft or trade, I am also learning more and more about myself. This of course is not limited to desires and dreams, but more meaningful endeavors of motivation and character.

Some of the future post I am thinking I will address will be about wag the dog type issues. Those are things I find fitting to discuss with the impending presidential elections. So trying to clear out the smoke screens that will be thrown at the masses in order to distract from the real issues that effect the country and giving those running for office the chance to show that they actually have done something other then squander our economy, increase our unemployment, and bury the closed casket containing due process.

Other topics I would like to address would be the hygiene concerns of deployed soldiers force to use the infamous port a johns near burn pits, and the humorous aftermath of those port a johns in conjunction with military dining habits. As a follow up to this, perhaps a discussion of fitness and health. Not the myths of health, but the true lines that people tend to like to blur to placate their own self esteem. You know those healthy levels of body fat, not the binge and purge or just the binge crowd. 

Oh and this being the first NFL post season during the  life of this blog, I am thinking I will reflect a bit on football. Not the ins and outs of the game, there are other writers for that. I might just be able to write a page or two on the false prophet hype placed on Teebag. Maybe even a positive reflection of my beloved Lions, and their ability to overcome adversity and poor reputation? So many life lesson this season that it might offer at least a few days of writing. On this note I might offer up some of my other hobbies for discussion like movies, and why I think some of them sucked in 2011 and what makes a good movie good. So much stuff to write about, if you know where to look. (You can even find some writers block repellent buried in the couch cushions.)

So this journey is still in full swing and building up steam. I would like to take the time to thank the 32 followers on Blogspot, the 69 that have liked my author page on Facebook, and the 46 that choose to follow me on Twitter. I know it s not much, but it is more than I could or should ask for. I thank you for the comments on those social media outlets. Those comments not only inspire me, but many times they are my greatest source of subject matter. So please keep them coming. I will continue on my mission to put the spot light on douchebaggery, and carry the flag to the field in the global war on stupid.

So watch your step, speak your heart and your mind. Read on. Comment. Link, friend, like or what ever. This year offers a great deal of change. The wheels of change are already rolling in my life, and soon this will be an outlet during yet another deployment. So this is my soldiers eye view, and if you don't like it, well you can always go somewhere else. To those that do, fuck you very much. Those that stay and offer valuable debate and knowledge, well you know the love.

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