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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Brain Shart.

I am back to school after the winter break, and looking forward to spring break already. I have my truck in the shop, and a few other issues I am trying to deal with. All of this as I prepare to head out the door again if the Mayans do not destroy the world like Hollywood would like us to believe. I am tackling the weight gain that crept up on me since I returned from Iraq. Already a few pounds down, and things are moving in the right direction. The issue I have right now though is what the hell do I write about?

I am in a photo contest to win a Snappy Cow T-shirt, and if you are not down with what that is get informed. It's an Army thing that became reality, and the story is actually inspiring. You got an Army lifer that started these little comics about Army life that are set up like Army style Power Point presentations, which is a special kind of hell for those of us in service. So this normally drab torture device became and instrument of humorous release. In that there is an energy drink called Snappy Cow. Now this same soldier who brought us the Good Idea Fairy, the loveable trailer trash Tiffany Amber, and so many other characters, made his fictional energy drink a reality. Incidentally this is the same guy that made the book "The Longest War" a possibility. So pretty happy to offer that guy some support and hopefully get me a free t shirt out of it. So go here and like my picture, the one of the sexy medic in his flight gear, and do both.

That being said follow the links, and enjoy a little slice of life I find very enjoyable. Now trying to find something else to write about. There is so much shit going on in the world that it is hard to focus on one thing to make the subject of a blog though. You got a chef pitching food that probably helped her on the path to diabetes cashing in on it. You got the South Carolina swarming with all kinds of democracy, and making me feel real positive about 2012 elections. TV and media pissing me off as usual, but thankfully some decent shows will be starting back up and I can enjoy having my brain sucked out through a straw again.

I mean really with all the crap going on what do you focus on, what do we talk about? So many dumb asses do so many things, and here I am waiting for some idiocy to rise about the others enough that I can put my ADD on the shelf and focus long enough to write about one thing.  I need to focus, but where and on what? Really who deserves my attention, or what can I say my peace on? SOPA PIPA and internet rights come into focus and then I remember that I might be considered a terrorist and end up spending time on the wrong side of the bars in Gitmo? Do I talk about the immigration laws that are destroying the country based on immigration?

So many things and so little time. So in the mean time I am going to look at unemployment and be thankful that I have the GI Bill so I have some income coming in. I am going to look at the paper and try to get some ideas for tomorrow. For now though I am going to try and get some school work done so in a few years I can move on to corrupting the youth of America if they actually make me a teacher. Out fricking standing huh? Angry white guy with a teaching degree? WTF is the world coming to.

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