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Thursday, January 26, 2012

cough cough where did all this smoke come from?

I think people are losing focus. We got issues, and those of us that are saying shit are being called crazy. Is it crazy to say that the Constitution is not about compromise, but sacrifice. Is it crazy to say that the great document written in a moment of genius never said anything about or even hinted at abortion? "The practice of abortion, the termination of a pregnancy so that it does not result in birth, dates back to ancient times. Pregnancies were terminated through a number of methods, including the administration of abortifacient herbs, the use of sharpened implements, the application of abdominal pressure, and other techniques." Wikipedia lets us know that it was an option then, by was it not an issue? Because they knew something we forgot. Its not that big of an issue when you are running a fucking country. Who gives a shit. You don't like them don't get them. You don't like red meat, don't eat it. Its that damn simple. Not every damn thing needs to be regulated.

I had an interesting talk about gun control today. While I had a friend of mine said there is no need for everyday common people to own assault rifles, he has a point. There is no good reason for me to own an assault rifle out side of going to the range to have a good time. Yep I like to shoot shit. Now people say that getting rid of assault rifles or making them illegal gets them off the streets and out of the hands of gangs. Passing laws to restrict the sales and make owning a gun a bureaucratic chore will some how make it all go away. The issue is not guns, but the alternatives we pose to our children. Economy sucks so you do what you can to make money. Drugs are easy money when the alternative is flipping burgers. So you want to stop sending up smoke screens when you run for office?

How about we talk about the meat and potatoes and address the issues that made this country great right out of the damn gate. You see our education was something the country decided was important a long long time ago? Why is that? Well it takes an education to drive an industrial revolution. It puts a damn man on the moon. It unleashes the power of the atom, and not just to destroy, but to heat a home and power a city. Those things were done by Americans and those Americans were Jewish, Christian, Agnostic, White, Black, Brown, all 100% American in drive, and spirit. It was a drive to learn and do something different. That "can do" attitude that we always hear about that damn time, and it did not come from a mass of people that were ignorant and lazy.

You want to fix whats wrong with America, get it back to being America. We educate our people. We draw that line between religion and relation. We stop letting people dictate to us how to run our life. We the people means that we stood up to tyranny. We stood up to bureaucracy. We wanted representation and not just in taxation. There was not hints early on of corporations being people. Nothing that says that for one person not to like something means that everyone else is not allow to do it. Nothing in the birth of this nation was about what a person can not do, but it was about possibilities and what we could do. It is not about forcing your will on another person, but expressing your own will on the world around you.

America was never about telling people what they can't do, but rather about the can do.

So as we roll into the future we need to think about this, and think about how we get our government back when someones greed bought it from under us? How do we get back to the hardest working nation in the world? How do we get back int he driver seat? How do we get back on topic and start talking about what really matters? What do we do to fix our education system? How do we teach our children how to be better people? How do we inspire them to embrace the real American dream? I am not talking about the house with the white picket fence, two point five kids, but the real dream? The real dream is closer to the one that Dr. King had. All men are created equal. While I am not about the distribution of wealth, but I am about giving everyone a fair shake from the start. That starts with schools. That starts with helping all of our children figure out their dream is, and helping them pursue it. Nobody says I want to grow up being a gun toting drug dealing dumb ass gang banger.

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