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Sunday, January 15, 2012

TeBlow me.

Today we are going to go with something light with some serious undertones. I am going to express my great level of joy after the game yesterday. Not because the Broncos lost, or the fact the Pat's won. Oh and they won, Brady looked like the picture perfect example of what an Quarterback in the NFL should look like. I was actually happy because Tebow was getting slammed down, beat up, and completed only 9 passes the whole damn game. Now let me tell you why this means so much too me; Tim Tebow is a fundamentalist that feels as a sport star he has the right to influence our society, but he is not really skilled enough to justify the attention he demands.

You see as a Quarterback Timmy really and truly sucks. His mechanics are horrible, he looks like a starfish aborting a fetus while suffering from explosive diarrhea when he throws the ball. The wobbly turds he threw in the air suffered from a special kind of seizure that effect flying pigskins. Even the few passes he completed looked ugly. Last week when people touted his praise, you watch the tapes and you will see the same things there. The difference is the Pat's were not going to let that high school shit go in the big leagues boys. Orton might not have been a showy or flashy quarterback, but he could do what a quarterback is required to do,... throw the damn ball.

People go on and on about how inspiring Timmy is. They talk about how he rallies the team and drives them forward with emotional resolve. They talk about how he pushes them, and how great a leader he is. I say bullshit. Leaders motivate sure, but its the dangerous leaders the appeal to emotions rather than leading by example, just look throughout history. Just because you take a knee and pay your respects each game to your God, who probably does not give a shit about a child's game being played on television meant for entertainment when there are so many other things that could or should require divine attention.

Now I do admire the kid for his ability to stand by his views. He is a rarity of people that actually live by their principles, and seems to really and truly believe. I may not agree will all the stuff that comes out of his mouth, but at least he is not out clubbing with crack ho's, shooting himself in the leg, or getting caught in a drive by. I have not seen him out doing lines of coke off a strippers ass, and yes he is a much better example to follow then so many other athletes we see in the news. That however does not mean he knows how to play football. Seriously people, what is the deal with this tool? He can't play football.

Now my biggest issue with this, would be the social pressure that not only got one guy fired, and put a third string no talent ass clown into the number one spot for a professional team. I am not a Bronco's fan, but I hear more about Tebag then I do about my own team. I see the pictures of so many "Tebowing" that to me just seem to offer a mockery of his zealotry. Imagine how you would feel if some NFL superstar that actually had some skills, threw down a prayer rug after every game? Spirituality is not the issue, or even his cookie cutter faith that expresses his ability to be a follower rather then a leader, it is his lack of ability that people seem to ignore because he does cute things after the game, and shares ideals that they feel they should have but do not have the conviction in their own faith to live that way.

You know why a lot of people do not have that level of faith that Timmy has though, its not an inability to be a believer in their religious philosophy, its intelligence forbids you. It seems people can only have this level of faith if they can lobotomize themselves enough to stomach intelligent design, or the other psuedoscience craptastic dark ages garbage the mega churches like to shovel out. Seriously I am not anti religion but I am anti mind fuck super sized corporate faith dispensary systems that Tim Tebow seems to be the spokes person for. This is why I am happy he got his ass pounded on Saturday, and I am so glad it came from the hands of a team wearing the red white and blue. Ironic and iconic, that the icon of the mass churches gets beat by the symbol of patriotism. That patriotism that is represented by the separation of church and state, personal liberty, freedom, and all those great things that make him so wrong and our country so right.

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  1. I am a broncos fan, but I love you for this post. God I want Cutler back. So bad. And that should say enough.