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Friday, January 13, 2012

Piss off

I discussed this early on my Facebook page, and I am sure it will piss people off just as much here. In regards to that video that is being cycled around the net. Okay they screwed up, you don't piss on the dead bodies of people that were trying to kill you and your friends. Or at least you don't do it and get caught. Even if those same assholes would have filmed your beheading. Not because it is a bad thing, but because Hillary Clinton will use it to wag the dog. There are far worse things going on in our country and the world then to be worried about some dead people getting pissed on. 

War is not about taking the moral high ground, and I really do care more about them dismembering and torturing people. Like I said I might not pee on those ass hats, but they are my enemy and I understand what those young men did. Also this is an isolated incident that politicians are going to use to vilify ALL of the service members serving overseas. I can tell you not many soldiers, sailors, airmen or marines do this as often as they are going to try to say in the press, even if we do think about it. At the end of the day piss can be washed off and those corpses can be buried in a manner that has more honor then they deserve, while there are many bodies going home to the US over the course of the war missing parts, or so horribly disfigured that an open casket is not an option for their families. Not just because of IED's but because those fundamentalist assholes are pissed off before they got pissed on.

When you fight cowards, murderers, and just plain despicable that the liberal people try to paint up as oppressed freedom fighters, shit like this is bound to happen. Never mind the human rights violations under the Taliban rule. Never mind the attitude towards women, education, religious freedoms, or just out right anything that was not to their benefit? Seriously these are fucked up cut throat back stabbing uneducated savages that have done far worse to the bodies of people I call friends. Sure you can argue that we do not need to be there, but I say we do. That country or what we call a country, not what the Uzbek, Udari, Pashtoo or other native have ever called a country, is much better off than with that regime that was in place. So if once a decade something like this slips out, I am fucking fine with that. Totally fucking fine.

To the people bitching about it, how about they try standing up and defending the rights that allow them to try and make these guys out to be the next Hitler, Qaddafi, or Bin Laden. They pissed on the bodies of people they killed that would have killed them. They did not defile their bodies, parade them through the streets, behead them on international television, or prevent them from being buried in any fashion that would be against their custom or religious beliefs. So fuck those politicians trying to cry foul, none of them have drawn a line in the sand and stood ready to defend it. I am sure that far worse came out of Vietnam, either of the world wars, and I even seen worse with my own eyes in other places around the world. Not typically done by our guys, but still fucking done. So wash their bodies off with those whiny asshole's tears, and move the fuck on, or get in a humvee spend some time over there doing what needs to be done before you can talk shit about pissing on anything. 

How about we stop trying to draw attention away from this isolated incident, justified or not, and focus on something that matters. You want to get into a pissing contest? How about you fix the tax code? How about you work on the economy? How about we deal with unemployment? Maybe the housing market could use a look? Maybe the ethical issues going on in the very seat of government? Hell I feel like I am getting pissed on every time I watch the news and I am not even dead yet. So stop pissing on my back and tell its just rain, and let those Marines and Corpsmen get handled by their commanders, and stop trying to distract us from the real issues going on at home. 

I am a bit upset about this if you can't tell. Right or wrong, not matter how you feel about this pissing incident, really did it take away your job, foreclose on your home, or prevent you from getting health coverage for a preexisting urinary tract infection? If not why don't we ask them to go back to the real issues and fix that shit. I am far more concerned with shit than I am about piss on a dead guy that really needed to be dead in the first place. 

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