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Saturday, January 21, 2012

The middle is not nuetral

I am going explain my political views and my disdain for left wing ideas, and why the extreme right pisses me off as well. This is the reason I like the middle so much, and why the middle is my safe zone, where I think the idea of America can thrive. So maybe this will clarify a few things and help people figure out that extremes on both sides fucked in the head, and they need to stop forcing their idea of right on the world. That, regardless of the motivation, is tyranny. Tyranny is what many of our founding fathers spoke out against. It is the reason I despise the extreme on either side.

Okay we have all heard it, if you do not wish to legally own a gun, then don't buy one. The right answer is not to limit, control, or remove my ability to own a weapon. If you don't like it don't buy one. To simple right. Well this applies to so many things, for example if you don't want a gay marriage, don't get one. No need to outlaw them. Now I understand there is no need for the average Joe on the street to own a full automatic military grade weapons platform. Seriously you don't kill a deer with a 249 if at some time you would like to eat it. A shotgun protects your house just the same as that belt fed love machine would, and the shottie is easier to tote, clean, and learn how to operate.

Oh but what my right to form a well trained militia to protect me from the federal government? Before you ask that question again, ask me what I do for a living. I am in the Colorado Army National Guard. How is that for a fucking well trained and well maintained militia? Seriously it is not so each looney wingnut Jesus freak can open up a compound and hand out AK's and cool-aid. Having free standing armies in your own borders is not something that is going to maintain checks and balances, if anything it would make me want to beef up my guys to maintain the services the government offers. This is also why military weapons need not be in the hands of civilians, or at least readily. Then the local governments have to account that maybe those weapons are in the hands of criminals, so they have to become militant themselves. They stop being cops at that point, and there is that thing called martial law that scares the shit out of me.

So extreme one way or the other, just because you don't like something does not mean you should make it illegal. You do not like big business, then don't use big business. Do not outlaw Wal~mart, just don't fucking shop there you idiot. Also do not force your ideals of faith down my throat. If you want to mandate prayer in school I am going to change my religion to what ever religion would call for a blood sacrifice of a virgin every time I pray, and I must pray naked covered in oil. Then your dumb ass can deal with that. If you want to pray in school, just do it. You don't have to share it on prime time so you get the attention your version of a strip mall God is not giving you from CNN. Is your faith that weak that you have to flaunt it give it credibility? Yes I know the actual words "Separation of Church and State" do not appear in the Constitution but it does not mean it is not a damn good idea. I am not about telling you how you pray to God, and if your faith is true then you will manage just fine if the kid next to you is not required to pray. I do not support mega church shopping mall Christianity selling salvation every Sunday in a production that would make Hollywood pause in admiration. I do not move to ban them, if people really want wholesale religion let them have it. I just do not attend those churches, and my beliefs are my own.

I have a diverse cut of friends from a variety of religious beliefs, lifestyles, sexual preferences, and political affiliation. I do not want hang out with people just like me all the damn time. If I did I would never leave the house and spend my days masturbating telling me how awesome I am. I like the melting pot of America. I like learning about other people, even if it just to learn they are a closed minded douche nozzle. That is the strength of America, not a bunch of dill weeds trying to pass as many laws as they can to try and make me just like them. That is tyranny. I have been to countries that offer big government and state regulated religion. Typically we are at war with them dumb asses.

If you don't like meat, don't outlaw it for me. I don't smoke, but I don't advocate making it illegal. You want to kill yourself, then do it. You get to pay for your insurance at a higher rate then I do though. I don't smoke Marijuana, but that does not mean I think it should be banned for everyone. So instead of thinking of all the things you can make illegal, stop thinking about what you can take away from me, and show me what you can offer me. That is a government that motivates me to work for it, and protect it. This is why I despise big government. Handle it locally on the day to day. Let the big shit that crosses state lines be handled by the Fed, but outside of that let the locals handle their shit. Easier to effect your views on a smaller voting pool, then your one vote in billions to deal with stuff on a federal level. Even then your vote stops at elections of the official and then you hope they speak for you when they use your vote in a Republic. Democracy through representation. Right now though with all these extremes on either side of the fence, I do not feel I am being represented at all.

Because I do not agree with something does not mean it has to be illegal for everyone. I do not need the government to make choices for me. If anything the government should only put out true and accurate information and let me make the choice if I want to do something or not. The FDA spends time endorsing the food stuff genetically engineered products while telling organic local farmers they can not transport their wares across state lines. We are not the corporation that this country has become. We are not a nation of what we are not supposed to do, but rather we are supposed to be the nation that shows the world they can do anything.

We are the country that went to the moon. We are the beacon of hope for those oppressed in the world. We are supposed to be the reason they rise up. We are not supposed to be the ones to restrict the exchange of information on the WORLD WIDE WEB to simply protect profit. We are not the country the favors security over modesty in our airports. We are the country that bands together in spite of differences when others try to take those freedoms and liberty away. We are the country that because of our differences can and will achieve the impossible. This is why I am the extreme middle, and the other ass hats can shut the hell up and let freedom ring for all of the citizens of this; the greatest country in the world.

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