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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Burn the midnight oil, or fill the gas tank; the choice is yours.

It has been a busy last few days. Life has a funny way of telling you it is not a good time to rest. An object at rest tends to stay at rest though, and a lack of motion can lead to stagnation. Stagnation is the first step on the path to extinction. I am not ready to join the thunder lizards yet, nor am I willing to let my blood be drawn from the earth to feed the greed of nations. So for now I move, and I keep moving. Through it all I try to remember to smile.

In this my smile is not always sarcastic, however I do not stop that sly smirk from taking over my face. You see the superciliousness that brings my mirth to the surface is one of mocking discontent for the masses. So many people want nothing more then to be left to their own devices. So many people would love to spend their days collecting a bigger belly on their couches with nothing more to do then to enjoy the sweet embrace of apathy. It is the story as old as time. Achilles was offered two choices in the Iliad, one do not go to Troy and live a happy life with many fat children but his name dies with them, second he could choose the path of glory and his name would live on for millennium. We all know his choice.

Many call that choice folly, yet here we are thousands of years later still hearing of his tales. We hear of his people, and those sweet words of Homer pull to that sense of adventure. We all dream of those great tales, and often in our youth we put ourselves in them. As we age though the call lessens in our heart and our mind looks to preservation. We want nothing more then to squeeze as many days from life as we can. We stop looking for the journey and slow our arrival at the destination. We favor stagnation and look to wrap ourselves in the bed straw of 401k's, retirement IRA's, Roth's, or annuity based funds. The most exciting thing people seek would be a sunset, and forget that years ago this was a fate worse than death to that child within.

Strive for stagnation and you will find extinction. Life is not the reward of the complacent, it is merely existence, nothing more. Life is held by those that understand it is the currency of adventure, and by putting it on the line you are paying the fare for the best rides you can find. It is the sailing to a distant shore to try new flavors. Life has a lot to offer to those willing to live it. Excuses are easy, life is not. So what have you done to challenge your life and to ward of oblivion and the stink of the void? When is the last time you danced during a sunset from a mountain top?

Life is about motion, choice, and renewal. The by product is change, and change is nothing to be feared or loved; it merely is. So do not run from change, it will catch you, and the longer it takes the bigger the price. If you take it on in small doses you will not live forever but you will actually live. That is the secret to life, at least in my eyes. We all die. We all breath. Some of us just get much more out of it. So when you are sitting at a table in the afterlife with your ancestors what stories are you going to share, or are you just going to listen and carry your extinction over to the other side?

Me I am going to seek as much, do as much, and cause as much as I can. Eternity is a long damn time to be telling the same tired stories over and over again. You might as well insure yours are the least boring. Go, do something, and don't let a damn person take a thing from you, and take take any of their shit either. Live, love, laugh, and you will live longer then your body ever could.

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