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Thursday, January 12, 2012

A pound of flesh,...

I see the news, I see the trends, and I watch what others are saying. So yes I am trying to take the pulse of the world around me. With all that I am going to say something real simple. I am a fat ass cow. Yep, not the self loathing realization though. I am not saying I want to kill myself, or am I embarrassed to look at my flabby white ass in the mirror. I am saying I am fat. I know why. It bugs me, yes it bugs the shit out of me, but I will say it. I am fat. I am not big boned. I am not the product of my society. I am making an effort to correct it. I like being fit. I hate being fat.

I see so many people putting pride in their body, which is cool I guess, but misplaced. I think you should have pride in who you are, not your weight. If you weight is not a healthy weight then why the hell would you be proud of that? To me it is like being proud that you can go months without a shower. Being proud that you keep your word, or maybe that you are raising some smart kids would be something to be proud of. The fact you can not see your genitals while your standing is not.

I am not saying that a person that is over weight is any less of a person then somebody else, I just do not understand why someone would be proud of that? Look I like people because of who they are. I like them because of the things they do. I like them because of the value they bring to a conversation. I do not run over to them because of the amount of calories they consume during a day, or the lack of calories they burn. I am saying that I will admire a person for what they do, but I can not understand the pride people place in their midsection.

To me it is like idolizing Joe Camel. It is a bad habit. Its not healthy. It's not something a person should be proud of in anyway. I do not think a person should be afforded special rights to accommodate their obesity. Movie seats, airport seats, or even park benches should not be altered to accommodate someone. It is a health concern that should not be surrendered to. I know where my weight gain is coming from. I know why in the last three months I have acquired 25 pounds. I also have a plan to lose it. Running is not an option just yet, but I still have a plan. I am going to put less in my hole until I can burn off the fuel.

I know this probably going to piss a few people off, but I support insurance reduction for people who exercise. I support employers establishing gyms for their employees to reduce the cost of the health care plans. I am all about people getting into their high school jeans. I am not about the size zero bone models that need to eat a sandwich either. I am about being proud of being HEALTHY. I am about being aware of your body. I am about taking pride in the things that make sense. So before people get their panties in a bunch I am not saying you are a shit brick because you got some weight on, I am jsut saying I do not understand how people can be proud of it.

I am not proud of my beer belly. I am not proud of the extra weight. I will be proud when I can see my abs again. I will be proud when my blood levels show healthy levels of cholesterol. I will be proud when I accomplish something, not when I do not accomplish something, or when I accomplish something that is negative for me. So I am not discriminatory based on weight, I just do not think that weight is the basis to establish discrimination. On that note should we offer protections to video gamers? Smokers over non smokers? Sorry this how I feel.

So now that I have pissed a few people off I am going to end this rant and see what happens later. So to all my fluffy friends, I love you, but I would be happier if you were healthier. Odds are if you are healthy we can spend more time on this earth together, and that I am sure would make us all happier. Shit I know hanging out with me is pretty damn awesome. As awesome as I am it says something if I choose to hang out or even talk to you. Now that is something to be proud of.


  1. Aww Jesse, you got fluffy! I don't think people should get mad at your for keeping it real. This is what I expect of you. Just sayin.

  2. I just wonder what people are doing when they grab that jelly roll and declare they are proud of it. Are they doing it to somehow justify their lack of personal control? I am not embarrassed of my belly, but I am sure as hell not wearing it like a badge of honor. I guess I see an obstacle to be overcome, not a earned right to slack. You don't earn a pot belly, you just get it from not doing things. You earn a six pack, or a good clean bill of health by taking effort and responsibility in your life. ;-)