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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Not everyone will get this.

Where does it all come from? What gives us the energy to get up and go out and do the things we do? What is the driving force behind our actions that keeps us from just wasting out lives away masturbating on the couch? By us of course I mean me. You see that is the joy of this blog, I do not speak for anybody but me. I reflect my views, and my thoughts, and you don't have to agree with a damn one. Hell you don't even have to read this. You are reading though, and that brings me back to the question at hand. Why do we do anything?

I wonder sometimes if we do things for approval, self gratification, or maybe a mixture of those and instinct. Seriously what is the motivation for people, and while I think there are several things that motivate people, can you narrow it down to one as the primary motivator. In doing so can you say something definitive about that person? If you understand their drive, can you take the driver seat, or perhaps know enough about them to warrant getting to know them better?

There are those that really need the praise of others, I mean really need to praise and approval of others. So far as to say that they will sacrifice their personal sense of identity, pride or well being to gain the praise of someone, or something. Typically this need is tied into issues of rejection early on in life, or a failure to get the attentions or affections of the person their new obsession represents. So they modify their body and/or their life to accommodate what they feel that other person is looking for.

These people are obsessed with being part of the right stream, more then they are concerned with being right. These are the majority of the people. We are raised and taught to praise those that step outside the lines, and march to their own beat. However we typically stop there. It is hard for us to see that we could dance to a different beat. We are quick to give praise, but seemed ashamed to accept it. We fall in line with the general belief system because we do not want to be the one that rocks the boat. We admire the Captain, but rarely are we willing to wear that hat.

Lets look at how we define those things in our life that matter. We define wealth with cash, but admire those with a wealth of love and friendship. We talk about love as the measure of a relationship, and get caught up in the taboo of sexuality. We praise those that walk outside of the social norms to declare their love, but do not want declare our own. When was the last time you did not condemn a young couple for making out in public, especially in a airport. When is the last time you made out with someone that was gone for any length of time in the airport?

We collar ourselves and seek outward praise from those that think like us. Why can't you seek praise from yourself and love freely. Your emotions are yours, enjoy them and do not be ashamed of them. ALL OF YOUR EMOTIONS ARE YOURS. If you bitch of a mother does not accept them does not mean they are are going to stop being yours. We get so caught up in what is acceptable and what is not, when we already fucking know. If something makes you happy, not vindicated, but happy, it should be acceptable. If it is dancing in the rain, or making mud pies on a Sunday afternoon it might not be convention, but it is right.

Smile more, you stress less. Do not repress you emotions. Do not repress your happiness based on how others tell you that you are supposed to live. Newton, Copernicus, Darwin, Einstein, and so many others thought differently and were not afraid to say it. They may not have been as interested in doing their hair, but I see a lot of pictures of those that where around when cameras were, and guess what? They seemed to be smiling a lot huh? So a ditch digger, a priest, or what ever failure job that society had in line for them could be yours. You could listen to yourself and see what doors you can open on your own. Maybe build a door of your own. So wear you striped pants with animal print, rock the fro, listen to Bach while you mind your garden based on color codes. Fuck the approving glances of others, and look for approval in the mirror. If not enjoy your wool coat, at least you will be warm? I am gonna go eat paste and celebrate my friends non conformist marriage while looking over the list of those in my harem. Hell fucking yeah I can hear the drums now.

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