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Monday, January 16, 2012

First I would like to thank,..

Today was one of those moments when a thought takes shape, and that shape is able to be described and brought into words. I came to realize today why I hate drama, and what really is drama. Drama defined makes it easier for me to speak out against it without carrying the taint of the foul trappings of the melodramatic ass wipes. You see drama is people having the need to share things about themselves or others that we really do not give a crap about, until they bring it up and make it an issue. Drama is the people drumming up emotion around something that really has no value and had no value until they made you think it had value. It is the ultimate con, while they may or may not be after your actual cash, they do charge you a bit in social currency.

As the name implies, drama is an act. It is a show with all the fan fare of a true Hollywood product. Smoke and mirrors shade the truth and show you just enough that the lie gains strength. The production is an effort to gain an audience, for one reason or another, and the most popular reason is for self justification. That self justification feeds a weak and cripple ego. Some how they feel like they might be right if more people know about their plight, or the more noise about something, the more righteous the cause. When in reality most people could have cared less about their personal crusade to feel important.

The most annoying of the drama lama's even cause pain for other people, the physical pain is not that often, but their lies and presentation can cause pain. They get people to quiet working. They make people feel a shame they never even knew about. They destroy good things. They are the absence of love. They are the disloyal belly crawlers. They are the decay and rot. They foster the entropy that is the decay of life itself. They are as much of life as death though. The trick to warding off the decay though is understanding them and removing them like a disease from your life. In order to do that you need to have an understanding of how to find them, and discover the level that you are  willing to tolerate.

Me I have a very low level of tolerance. I shut them out when I first meet them, because I know to see them from the first step. There are people that just let you know that they are going to bring to much production into your life, and they do it in the first five minutes of conversation. Let us think about the people you have met in your life, and how many introduced themselves, and in the next breath or maybe even before they have to share something about themselves or their choices. For example, "Hi my name is Sam, and I loooove chocolate ice cream." Seriously WTF does their love off of chocolate ice cream have to with who they are, and why would they start a relationship off by telling you these things, and up until that moment did you really care? Now go one step further and say they went more this route; "I love chocolate ice cream and I really do not care if you do or do not love chocolate ice cream and you can not change my mind because it is who I am, and my name is Sam."

Now insert whatever lifestyle, career, religious choice, social crusade, or other designed issue that they wear in an effort to piss their parents off. Yep you are nodding your head because you know exactly what I am talking about. You know those people that try so hard to be different just like everyone else. They are out of place or make sure to be out of place where ever and when ever they can. These are your drama generators, these are the horrible weak people that are the harbingers of misery. I have no time for them and no desire to allow them into my life. I find a simple "Hi I am Sam." offers so much more, and the discovery is part of the human condition. So instead of presenting their issues to you like an offering, those stable people will let you find them out in do time and when they need to be found. Oh and some skeletons live better in the closet.


  1. Guess Sam really likes their chocolate ice cream? Hi, I'm Melissa. That is all. :) Good point my friend. Good point.

  2. Hey yeah, I think I burned my closet. Or something. Anyway, I'm Candice, and let's get some coffee. And watch some Tosh.0. Cause that's quality shite.

    Love your work.