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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Woof woof hookers, woof woof.

Watching the news yet again, yep horrible idea. At least I move around form station to station to get the pulse of what both sides of the fence are thinking. We are out of Iraq and now the news is running reports on the daily bombings in that country. It is not much of a change when we were there, yet now the news finds it important to tell us about now. I say fuck it, let them keep taking each other out as long as they can keep it contained to their own borders right? We have bigger fish to fry. I also really feel that it was a good idea to leave Iraq, no sarcasm at all. I got the impression while we were there that we were no longer wanted and the majority of people were not willing to accept help or guidance. That is a nice way of saying that they didn't really seem to want to change, so fuck it let them kill each other.

Yep makes me a dick to say that huh? Well that is a issue that is going to be thrown at you this upcoming election. These are the issues they are going to use to sway your vote with ad after ad. You are going to be bombarded with interviews, news articles, debates, and all the marketing BS that is going to sell you on a label. So grab your donkey or elephant pin and your funky fresh new ass Nike pumps with your iPod and get in line consumers, soon you are going to be told how to vote with an onslaught of buzzwords and some wag the dog issues that are going to make you dizzy.

One big topic that you will see come to light will be the prochoice/prolife. It happens every year and it is a measure that typically prevents Democrats from voting on Republicans, and Republicans for voting on Democrats. First let me say this in a clear and concise statement, Rode vs Wade was upheld as Constitutional and is the law of the land. If you are against abortion educate people to the pro's and con's all you like, but it is protected by the rights of a woman's body and the right to choose. This means that you have the choice to not get an abortion as well. For those on the religious right, I offer that even God gave you free will, so why should you use law to restrict that freewill that he gave you? Are you saying that you know better then your God? Seriously you can make the choice that includes not getting an abortion, so this is not even an issue. It will be brought up though to sway opinion. At the end of the day what effect would it have on jobs, foreign policy, or the improvement of our country?

Next you are going to hear things about the economy. You are going to hear that each candidate has a plan to improve the economy, but rarely are you going to actually see the nuts and bolts of those plans. First off saying you are against unemployment rates being high is like saying you are against infant orphans breathing toxic gas in a sweat shop so they can be turned into golf balls. Of course they are all against a weak economy. So don't let the get away with saying they are going to fix the economy without telling you how. I mean hell I could balance the budget, but people sure as hell would not like it. Nor is the instant balance the smartest idea, so get the details or blow it off as bravado.

People talk about a disconnect with the people, well shit look at who is running or has run. Not a damn one of them is what anyone would consider one of the guys. That is not what makes a president. A president is suppose to be a larger then life leader. Also how the hell is some trust fund business tycoon that would be hard pressed to prove one year in their working life that they made an average income? I would find it interesting to see how many of them have actually ate mac-n-cheese, or top ramen in their dorm room because it is all they could afford after getting books?

I recommend you really think about what issues are really important to you and bring those up. Not just to the president, or the presidential candidates, but all those other people running for office in 2012. Look into their records as to how they actually voted on those issues you found important, not just what they say in a speech that was designed to gain your support. Look to the record not the recording. See what how they want to fix the economy. I suggest you see how they interacted with foreigners and what legislation they have voted for in regards to foreign policy. I sum it all up as what role woudl you allow them to have in the life of your children? Would you let them babysit, teach, or even treat your children? Or would you get a restraining order and call them a pedophile, because that is what you are doing. What they do in office today will establish the country you want our children to inherit.

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