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Friday, January 6, 2012

Missed the mark?

So as I stated yesterday the 20k mark is pretty close. With this post and the weekend ahead it will happen in time when I am not around and unable to get the net. It is still going to happen though. That brings up one of those life lessons that I like to share. I know many of you have figured out some of the stuff I put up here, and many of the things are more of a record of the thoughts in my head, it is still fun to write and share. Yep sharing, its something we learned in kindergarten, and it can make life better for a lot of people. So in looking at what I have going here I a prepared to share a real simple observation. Shit is going to happen regardless if you are there, regardless if you are ready, or regardless of your awareness.

That is the joy of life, is even if you die, it will still go on. Things are going to happen to you, for you, and even some caused by you when you are not around. Inaction can make these things happen just as much as action, but sometimes its better to put things in motion so they are not a total surprise to you. You see it goes back to that talk earlier about making stuff happen in your life, or letting things happen to you. No matter how hard you try to prevent it, things are still going to happen. It is the action of life. It is even one of those laws that scientist talk about, and that dude that has a tasty cookie named after him. The fig Newton. Things in motion tend to stay in motion right? You tracking?

We put things in motion all the time and are still surprised when the momentum builds up. I love my single man whore friends that go out and shag like a bunny and then act all surprised when they find out they are going to be a daddy. Better odds then Vegas by far. That is the bonus though, children are awesome, but that karma shit can be a bitch and sometimes you just get the itch. So no bundle of joy, but rather some strange growth on your body, or that warm sensation like you are pissing napalm. Shit happens folks, and if you are in motion shit is going to happen more frequently to you.

Now there are other issues out there that are not good or bad, they just are. Its that whole equal and opposite reaction. These are those things that happen in life regardless of what you try to do about them. Those wonderful things beyond your control that season the flavor of life. In the reaction to these people are measured. Seriously how many of you want a hurricane to hit your home, or a mudslide, earthquake or Tsunami? If you could control that stuff you would have a comic book, but they still happen. It is how we react to those things that shows the world who we are. Do we turn into a sniveling ball of gelatinous self pity, or do we move the fuck on and make lemonade?

So I guess what I am saying here is that stuff is going to happen in your life that you have no control over when it does. There are things that you set in motion and could have prevented or improved. The wisdom is knowing the difference, and I almost broke into that serenity prayer. That's not the one the Captain Mal says about the turbulence, but rather the one the coin collectors say to keep them from drinking. Its solid advice though even if you are not an alcoholic. So it would work. If you can't do shit about it, and you could not have stopped it, don't carry the baggage, just adjust fire and move the hell on. If you set things in motion, take responsibility good or bad, adjust fire and move on. Either way move on. Life will move on regardless and if you can't keep up with life's pace, well that my friend is when you are truly screwed.

You don't need to be there for life to happen either. You don't need to be there to see the good things that life does in your name. You don't have to take credit for all of it either. Responsibility is all you have to keep in mind. Own your shit. Own up to your shit. Even if you don't life will go on, it just seems to go smoother if you do. So enjoy yourself, educate yourself and I will see you on the other side of 20k!

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  1. Its not a cookie! Its s fruited cake! (Or so the advertisers used to say) isn't that idea where the saying "shit happens"came from? Yes it happens so "Drink water, drive on" !!