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Monday, January 30, 2012

State of morality, or state your morality.

Okay so let me see here, not sure how to put this thought to paper without coming off completely like an ass. I mean more of an ass then people already think I am of course. I am tossing a few ideas about subjective morality. You see its about perspective this morality thing. We have issues, with have situations, and we have things that people look to for guidance. Yet how often have we look at morality as something all by itself.

Morality rarely ever stands alone. When have you ever thought about it in a context by itself? You got religious morality, fascist morality, and flavors for each of those groups you are a part of. You get the morality inherited from all of the people in your life that came before you. You get some there are just handed down because they didn't want to keep them to themselves. Its a collective behavior that has been twisted over the years to instill guilt. Catholic morality/guilt. What is the difference?

Why don't you sit your bon bon eating ass down for a second and try to define your personal morality? Think what part of your morality is your own and how much of it you hand heaped upon you? Now I am not asking you to do this because I want you to dump your morality. I just want you to think about it. Give it some real thought, and ask yourself at what point it became so twisted as to force you to do something you knew felt wrong, but your morality told you it was right.

I had some skirt tell me today that abortion was not moral. I asked her on what grounds, and by who's morality. She thought for a second and replied with, "God's morality" I of course asked her how she knew this, and how was she sure it was God's morality. I went on further for her to challenge that assumption, and asked her if she dared to think for her God. Where in the bible does it state that abortion is wrong, and further does it state in no uncertain terms when life actually begins? So where does that morality come from? She didn't say much after that. At least she looked like she was thinking.

So morality is a code of ethics, and I am not saying a code of ethics is a bad thing. I am just saying you need to understand and know your code and not just regurgitate it on command. If you are going to get pissed about something at least make it something you understand, have thought about, and not just the Shepard keeping the sheeple under control. Are they values you really know are right, or just something you were told you needed to follow and offer sound bites up on command when people challenge the status quo.

So before you stand back in line, I say question your reality and trust your moral compass to offer you a better glimpse at your morality. Or you can keep on chasing the over paid ass hats that don't care for you as a person, but value you as number 11578 in their congregation, association, or other group they use to support their validity by saying they have "X" number of members in their que ready for the slaughter.

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